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Our Vision
Our Vision
The draft comprehensive plan includes seven vision statements. Are these right for Graham?
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Our Vision

Connected City, Accessible Region. Graham will be a connected, accessible, and mobile city, where transportation to and from opportunities is not a barrier and where people have the freedom of choice to arrive at their desired destination. From Graham, anyone has affordable access to opportunities throughout the Piedmont without the necessity of owning a car.

Exceptional Public Facilities and Services. Public facilities meet and exceed the expectations of residents and visitors, and provide the community with opportunities to gather, get active, learn, and interact with nature. City services will meet level of service requirements now and into the distant future through long-term planning and exceptional customer service.

A Healthy Environment. New growth in Graham will occur sustainably, with minimal impact on the natural environment. Conservation efforts will maintain the health of the watershed, preserve and connect habitat for native plants and animals, as well as reduce pollution through investments in renewable energy sources, clean transportation options, and resource conservation.

A Distinct Community Character. Graham will be a vibrant, exciting, and distinct place that serves as a source of pride for all who call this community their home. This strong community character attracts a high quality of life, new opportunities, and acts to retain young members and families within the area.

Diverse Housing, Complete Neighborhoods. Graham will be the best place to live because of its variety of quality housing options, providing affordable choices to people of all backgrounds. Neighborhoods will be walkable, safe, and vibrant, and will promote private investment and enhancement of existing and future properties.

A Strong and Equitable Economy. With an environment that supports entrepreneurialism, business development, and labor training for a variety of industries and occupations, Graham will be a city with high quality employment opportunities for a diverse workforce. Local spending will help to sustain and grow local companies and foster economic development.

Sustainable Growth, Resilient City. Graham will be a safe, affordable, and high quality place to live for generations to come with a low carbon footprint, healthy and connected ecosystems, fiscally responsible governance, and long-term hazard mitigation planning. Our community will mitigate climate change impacts on our future as well as reduce the adverse impacts of our way of life on the environment.

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